Professional Liability Insurance For Dentists: What Does It Offer?

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August 7, 2014
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Professional Liability Insurance For Dentists: What Does It Offer?

The Professional Liability Insurance for dentists is the dentists’ protection against all types of medical malpractice lawsuit. More than protecting themselves from going through all the stress, getting a Professional Liability Insurance coverage will save them from all the costs that cases and trials might incur.

Because dental professionals are battling serious malpractice lawsuits and everything of that nature, it is a must that they get the right Professional Liability Insurance to protect them. Here are some of what these insurance policies cover that every dentist must learn more about:

  • Coverage limit: Always ask how much coverage you can expect. Getting a good lawyer does not come cheap. You must make sure that the insurance coverage is able to cover that and more.
  • Consent to settle: Insurance coverage must give dentists enough room to choose for an out of court settlement. This could mean a bulk of money, but it would be best rather than go through the stressful process of a trial.
  • First Aid Policy Coverage: Does your insurance coverage include the first aid policy? This is your assurance that you will have enough money to pay off your client in case he or she gets injured during the procedure.

Without insurance money, a dentist could lose a lot, not only in terms of monetary value, but more on the respect from their clients and the trust that they could do the job. If you’re a dentist, would you risk it?

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