SEO for Insurance

You wake one day realizing that you have a big problem. You’ve been told by your boss to look for the best insurance provider. You open your computer and did a Google search plus geographical location plus SEO and found a minimum of 500 insurance companies. Your trouble is just about to get bigger. It’s hard to decide but typically just like other people on search, they think starting with number one result in the best way to start.

You’re overwhelmed with what’s happening and contacted every company in your list beginning from the number one result. You started with the top result because you think it’s sensible because they’re on the top rank. But it’s frustrating to know that until the last company, you haven’t found the right insurance carrier yet and you’re now thinking that SEO is the greatest fraud in history. And getting the right SEO for insurance brokers is out of hand.

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Things to Remember

  • You can’t spot a good firm just looking at their rank on your Google search. Sometimes they rank first because they’re the best but most of the time it’s not the reason. Some companies are on the top list because they’ve been using that domain for 20 or 30 years and Google is very particular with that factor. Even if you’re the best, you can’t beat a time machine. But insurance company who has a website for 30 years means they’re out to give the best service on calgary seo It would not last for years if they’re not doing a great job.
  • Remember that sometimes the insurance company that you’re looking for isn’t that large of a firm. But it doesn’t mean they’re big they’re better. Size shouldn’t be in the equation. You never know, maybe the suitable firm for you is only composed of two or more employees. But also, don’t reject the possibility that a firm with 500+ employees is what you need.

 Take Your Time to Search

  • Don’t rush things, you can’t make sound decision if you’re in a hurry. Once you’ve decided on what you want, talk with several insurance brokers personally or even through the telephone. In the need to impress clients, insurance companies usually offer free consultations and free insurance quotes. But don’t stick with one firm. Get plenty of consultations in a discreet manner.

Push the firm to tell you stories. It can be about how they’ve succeeded in their business or how they will help you get the right insurance that fits your budget and lifestyle. Asking things about their client experiences would help decide whether they’re the best company for you.

June 10, 2014

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You wake one day realizing that you have a big problem. You’ve been told by your boss to look for the best insurance provider. You open […]